27 - 29 July 2018

                                    Our Artists for 2018 ....

Sergio & Ana

Sergio Domínguez and Ana Roldán (Spain) dance together since 2012. He is a recognized ballroom and latin dancer and World Salsa Open semifinalist in 2010. She is a contemporary and hip hop dancer recently trained in salsa and bachata. They both bet on a personal style which joins latin rhythms and other dance disciplines into their choreographies. Nowadays  they hold the 2nd place in Spain Bachatastars, the 3rd place in Spain Bachatart 2013 and they won the International BachataOpen 2014. Actually 3rd place in the World Bachata Masters 2015 and 2nd audience award in Couples Division.          

Kiko & Christina

Kiko & Christina started to teach their first Bachata workshops together in 2013 . In January 2014 they decided to move to Hamburg, Germany in order to introduce the sensual Bachata style in the area and being motivated to share their passion. 

After creating their brand KC dance projects, they began to travel to various dance festivals around the country. Kiko and Christina are the best known Bachata couple of Germany and the pioneers of this romantic dance style in the north of the country. They were the first to offer a national Bachata competition together with their event Sensual Station - Hamburg, which repeats every year.

Kiko and Christina lived in Spain and Germany in different cities, were favored trainers of couples, who compete and are known for their didactics and detailed classes.
In 2017 both moved to Basel, Switzerland in order to create a Bachata teaching concept for the dance school "Bailamos Salsa" and are part of the teacher team.

Today Kiko & Christina are internationally recognized Bachata Sensual teacher, booked for congresses all over the world. The dancers appreciate their social dance style. Both are teaching latin dances for over 10 years and are sharing their knowledge and experience with heart and passion.


 Pablo & Raquel

Laurent & Gwen

It is in January 2013 that Laurent and Gwendolyne started their partnership. They integrated together the crew Dime Que Si and won in 2014 the championship of France in group KINGS OF BACHATA.In 2015 they qualified for both national finals BACHATART France and BACHATASTARS France with the result of places of honor.They continued their training and specialized themselves in Bachata Sensual by following the training from the creators of this discipline, Korke & Judith, and they became the first generation of professors ambassadors in France.In 2016 they won the 1st edition of the MASTERS OF BACHATA CUP 2016, and in the wake they re-took a chance in competition and qualified again for both national finals.This year they have won the BACHATART FRANCE 2016 of which they are the current Champions of France. They also have also finished 3rd at the WORLD BACHATART CHAMPIONSHIP.In 2017 they have won, eahc in solo, the so coveted SOCIAL CONTEST of the LYON LOVES BACHATA 2017 festival and they have started a year of national and international workshops where they built their reputation for their duo LAU & GWEN, their humor and their pedagogy.


 Bachata Passion - Geno & Steffi

Peter & Lili 

Peter and Lili have been dancing together since 2015 and been the first and only instructors in Hungary ever allowed to teach and adapt the style of Korke and Judith.

This kind of bachata is based on a lot of body movements, and contains isolation, body rolls, waves and a lot of steps and combinations to colorize this social dance.
This is not the easiest but definitely the most popular bachata dance style all over the world. 

In addition to its creators, Korke and Judith, many other famous dancers pursue and combine this style with others (for example: Luis & Andrea, Daniel & Desirée, Pablo & Raquel, Chaves & Silvia, Ronald & Alba).

Their classes perfectly preserve and respect the franchise its creators brought to life but we also explain many additional foundations and techniques based on classical and jazz ballet to both leader and follower. Our approach makes this social dance easier because dance is ever-evolving.
With this concept in mind, Peter and Lili are not only teaching the basic elements of bachata sensual style, but allow their students to gain a heightened body awareness too. 

Peter and Lili offer weekly regular classes in our hometown, Budapest (Hungary), ranging from complete beginner to advanced. They often travel around the world to teach more and more dance lovers, thereby preserving the treasure of Korke’s legacy.


 Randy & Stef

Since 2016 Randy & Stef are dancing together and conquer the hearts of Bachata Lovers from all over the world. Venezuela meets Rheinland-Pfalz – the origin of them alone describes their style of dancing: Bachata Fusion. They combine Sensual Elements, Modern Style, Handflics and Dominican Footwork to create their own signature Fusion Style. Learning from Randy and Stef: you will never get bored!


 Janis & Anamé

Anamé is a passionate dancer since very young age. She began with Ballet, went on with Jazz and later than focused on Salsa, Bachata & Zouk. When she starts to dance, she is almost unstoppable and because of dancing she was able to travel all around the world getting to know different dance styles and their qualities to create her unique style. Right now, since more than 5 years that she became a dancing teacher in Hagen and always involves very creative and learn-effective methods and ideas, sometimes very unusual that surprise in a positive way.

Janis has learned a lot of different dances during his life in Argentina, Brasil, Spain and Los Angeles and he learned Bachata ,Salsa, Hiphop, Dancehall and Contemporary from the best Artist from around the world. Since 2017 with Anamé he focused on Socialdancing, so all his chief contents in classes are neither choreography neither show just the real deal for the dancefloor, even so this material is always aimed to be the most breath-taking of their kind.

Both together represent a really unusual mix, so that they can complement each other in every class. With their new and fresh kind of teaching and very exclusive class contents everyone can benefit from their classes. Most important characteristics in their classes are very good vibes and energy, a lot of dancing and very effective technique teaching.


 Mario & Annika


 Julio & Linda

 Sandro & Sandy

Sandro was born and raised in Germany but his origins are from Sicily. He teaches sports and economics at a German School in Frankfurt am Main. He has trained for years by participating in numerous national and international congresses with the best dance teachers for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. 

Sandy is originally from Germany. She started to dance as a child and collected experiences in different dance styles like ballet and hip hop. In the age of 15 she got in contact with the oriental dances and felt in love with this dance. One of her dance schools was the Orient Academy in Frankfurt where she got her foundation in belly dancing. Through her teacher Nashyra from Ecuador she gained insights to the latin american dances. 

At that time she met Sandro she discovered her interest in partner dances and especially Bachata became their both passion. They started travelling together to international festivals to increase their skills with teachers like the three times bachata world champions Andrea & Silvia, Daniel y Desiree, Ronald & Alba, Korke y Judith etc. 

Sandro and Sandy are teaching Bachata Sensual all over Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Köln, Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken etc.) and Europe (Spain, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands etc.) Their dance style is characterized by Sandy´s flowing and feminine movements and through Sandro´s clear and distinct leading. Their teaching is didactically very well structured and they place great emphasis on personal and individual care of their students.


 Chami & Julie

KC Ladies Team 

The KC Ladies team in Hamburg started in October 2017. If you are looking for a great experience and need a challenge, join the team. Learn the choreographies and become a better dancer, perform with a great team of unique ladies and travel to various congresses.

Our DJs

We are proud to have Germanys best DJs with us this Summer ....

 Photo- and Videography

We will have Photos taken by the famous "Bachata Prince" Pieter and Mario Wolff from Düsseldorf. Videos will be taken by Lucas Hein.